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HTTP File Server is a web server designed for file sharing
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HTTP File Server is a web server designed for file sharing. It is an application that installs a web server on your computer and hosts a website to which other users or yourself can connect to upload and download files. Unlike other file servers or even web servers, HTTP File Server is incredibly easy to setup and if you have the necessary hardware, you don't even have to forward ports for people outside your network to access the program.

You can create user accounts for anyone and restrict the access that they have to your files. You can also set IP filtering and you can even ban users. To add files to the interface, you can simply select them from the "Add file" window, or you can use the application's shell integration. When you install the app, it asks if you want to integrate the app with the shell. This is extremely helpful, since you can simply right-click a file and click on "Add to HFS" and it will be added to the list of available files.

The user interface lets you monitor the server quite thoroughly. You can see who is connected and what they are doing and keep an eye on bandwidth usage. HTTP File Server keeps logs that you can check later. It also records various statistics, like current speed, max speed, etc.

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